Seattle mayoral race 2013

Seattle mayoral primary results

Find out whether Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn will move on to the general election and follow the vote counts for the eight primary candidates who think they could do better. The contenders range from a powerful state senator to a socialist candidate who wants a revolution.

The winner gets a four-year term at Seattle City Hall and control of the city's more-than 11,000 employees and $4 billion budget, including a $950 million general fund. The job pays $179,000 a year. You can also use our guide to get to know all the candidates and compare their views on big issues facing the city.

Puget Sound area results

    Ed Murray


    Says time in Legislature shows his effectiveness. But have you watched the Legislature lately?

    Create Seattle's own police academy to train new officers in urban law enforcement.

    Establishment and big-money favorite.

    Partner Michael Shiosaki; they plan to marry in August.

    Gay-marriage hero with political savvy.

    A dog, Rory, and a cat, Sammy.

    $590,000 house on Capitol Hill.*

    Mike McGinn


    Doesn't play well with others.

    An early learning academy to train childcare providers in early-childhood education.

    Seems to be in trouble, but don't count him out.

    Married to Peggy Lynch; three kids.

    The people's mayor. On a bike.

    A dog, Midge.

    $317,000 house in Greenwood.*

    Peter Steinbrueck


    NIMBY naysayer.

    A bond measure to catch up on the big backlog of maintenance on failing roads and bridges.

    Polling well. It helps to have a park named after your dad.

    Divorced; two kids.

    Protector of Seattle's soul.

    Says he walks a friend's dog, Kid.

    Owns a $170,000 unit in a Ravenna cooperative.*

    Bruce A. Harrell


    Brings a lot of swagger, but may not have a record of effectiveness.

    Develop a fund so every Seattle Public Schools graduate can attend one year of college tuition-free.

    Charismatic debate performances making people take notice.

    Married to Joanne; three kids.

    Football star with a social-justice streak.

    No pets.

    $1,369,000 Seward Park house.*

    Charlie Staadecker


    His successful campaign fundraising is a sign he has a lot of rich friends, not a sign that he has a lot of support.

    Promote street art. Life is too short not to have fun.

    A nice guy who has raised a lot of money, but is a longshot to win.

    Married to Benita; three grown children.

    Gentleman with business chops.

    A painting that resembles his beloved, deceased yellow lab, Jordy.

    $534,000 Pike-Pine condo.*

    Doug McQuaid


    Largely absent from the campaign trail.

    Use city and state money to make drug and alcohol treatment more affordable.

    He said it best: "My strategy is to put my name in and hope for the best, but expect the worst."


    Little-known lawyer with largely inactive campaign.

    A cat, Fuzzy.

    $491,000 house in West Seattle.*

    Kate Martin


    So abrasive, police once escorted her from her son's school.

    Leave part of the Alaskan Way Viaduct standing and turn it into an elevated waterfront park.

    If she couldn't win a school-board election, how can she have a chance in this clash of the titans?

    Married to Jose Chavez; two kids.

    A small-business owner with big ideas.

    Cats, Twinkie and Pretty Girl.

    $578,000 house in Greenwood.*

    Mary Martin



    End capitalism.

    Fringe candidate.

    Married to City Council candidate Edwin Fruit.

    Champion of the working class.

    "The working people don't give a flip whether I have a pet."

    Rents a West Seattle apartment.

    Joey Gray



    Charge for parking based on the length of vehicle, as an incentive to drive a smaller car or a scooter.



    Pragmatic activist.

    No pets.

    Rents a houseboat in Portage Bay.

    *Home values shown are from 2013

By the issues

Where the candidates stand on major issues facing the city of Seattle this election cycle.

Funding light rail in Seattle

Use Sound Transit plan

  • Accelerate in-city lines

  • Fix aging streets first

  • First move the new mayor should make at the Seattle Police Department

    Hire new chief

  • Hire more cops

  • Other

  • Homeless encampments in Seattle

    End them

  • Allow more

  • Other

    Microhousing and aPodments

    OK as affordable housing

  • Not suitable housing

  • Only with parking

  • NBA arena in Sodo

    Good idea

  • Bad idea

  • Wrong location

  • Parking meter rates

    Too expensive

  • About right

  • Other