Seattle mayoral race 2013

Ed Murray

State senator, 58 years old

Gay-marriage hero with political savvy.
Big idea
Create Seattle's own police academy to train new officers in urban law enforcement.
$590,000 house on Capitol Hill.*
Conventional wisdom
Establishment and big-money favorite.
Says time in Legislature shows his effectiveness. But have you watched the Legislature lately?
Partner Michael Shiosaki; they plan to marry in August.
A dog, Rory, and a cat, Sammy.
Management experience
Chaired all three primary budget committees in the state Legislature, overseeing the writing of budgets of $30 billion or more. As Senate Democratic Leader, oversees a couple dozen caucus policy and communications staff.

If you're tired of the politics of attack, if you're tired of the politics of division, if you want to show the rest of the state that progressives can come together and accomplish things, then I'm your candidate. —Ed Murray

Ed Murray on the issues

In summary

Hire new chief

First move the new mayor should make at the Seattle Police Department

Murray's first move would be to restructure the police-chief search process, so that fewer people are involved in the selection.

In summary

Use Sound Transit plan

Funding light rail in Seattle

Murray supports light rail, but wants to expand it regionally through Sound Transit. That means a 2016 regional ballot measure would fund any major Seattle expansion.

In summary

End them

Homeless encampments in Seattle

Murray says the council made the right decision to close Nickelsville. Tent encampments, he said, are not ideal.

In summary

OK as affordable housing

Microhousing and aPodments

Murray supports them, but thinks the city should determine where it wants them and impose regulations on developers.

In summary

Good idea

NBA arena in Sodo

Murray says a basketball arena would not have been his first priority as mayor, but he thinks it's a good opportunity for Seattle. If elected, he would focus on protecting taxpayer money and managing traffic in the Sodo area.

In summary

About right

Parking meter rates

Murray supports the new rates and hours, but thinks Seattle should continue to look at data to determine whether they are working well.

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Major endorsements

Washington Conservation Voters, Civic Alliance for a Sound Economy (The Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce), The Seattle Times editorial board, Planned Parenthood, Seattle Council Member Tim Burgess, former King County Executive Ron Sims, U.S. Rep. Denny Heck, Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes,The Seattle Times editorial board

Money raised