Seattle mayor

Guide to the General Election

The candidate who wins the Nov. 5 election gets a four-year term at Seattle City Hall and control of the city's more-than 11,000 employees and $4 billion budget, including a $950 million general fund. The job pays $179,000 a year.

Ed Murray

State senator, 58, Capitol Hill

  • The candidate

    Ed Murray
    A long-time state Senator who sponsored the legislation that legalized gay marriage in Washington. He was Senate Democratic Leader this year, but a GOP coup cost him the majority leader post.

    Mike McGinn
    A lawyer and Sierra Club activist who doesn’t shy away from a fight. He’s both incumbent and underdog, and he’s running like an outsider.

  • Supporters

    Ed Murray
    Downtown business; more mainstream, but still liberal, labor groups, such as the construction trades and waterfront unions; and Seattle’s traditional power structure, including most of the city’s nine City Council members.

    Mike McGinn
    The Sierra Club, local branches of the most liberal and activist unions, such as UNITE HERE, UFCW and some of the SEIU locals. Real Change, refugee groups in Southeast Seattle, Sonics fans, Cascade Bicycle Club.

  • Opponents

    Ed Murray
    Some labor, like the local branches of UFCW and UNITE HERE. The Stranger.

    Mike McGinn
    A majority of the City Council, Greater Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes.

  • How he got through the primary

    Ed Murray
    After a slow start because of the long legislative session, Murray ran as a McGinn alternative. His campaign got mainstream support and cash, which he spent on lots of mailers and a TV ad. He won Seattle’s wealthier neighborhoods, including Laurelhurst, Queen Anne and parts of West Seattle.

    Mike McGinn
    McGinn fired up unions by opposing construction of a Whole Foods, raising concerns over what the grocery pays its workers. His campaign volunteers called more than 100,000 voters. He won in Fremont, the Central District and Ballard, and had a strong showing in South Seattle.

  • Path to victory

    Ed Murray
    Gather up primary voters who supported Bruce Harrell and Peter Steinbrueck. Use his campaign money to brand the mayor as ineffective and divisive.

    Mike McGinn
    Needs massive volunteer effort to call voters, and success in painting Murray as a tool of the downtown establishment.

  • But he has to overcome

    Ed Murray
    McGinn’s ground game. The sense that he hasn’t laid out enough specifics on policy issues. Overconfidence brought on by polls showing McGinn trailing.

    Mike McGinn
    Murray’s money, and a prevailing narrative that he likes conflict more than consensus.

Mike McGinn

Mayor, 53, Greenwood

Campaign financing

Total raised
  • Inside Seattle
  • Outside Seattle
  • Unknown
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